Battery Charger

The “gentle handling” of its charging capability will ensure you get the best life span out of your expensive battery. This feature alone justifies the higher purchase price! The powermate charger/regulator will not over charge or boil your battery which in turn will not shorten the expected life of the battery.

Circuit and Equipment Protection

If overload should occur due to excessive current and/or not sufficient cooling, a built-in circuit shuts the powermate unit down to avoid damage. After cooling it automatically resets itself.

The powermate unit has over voltage protection  and will blow the inline fuse purposely to prevent any damage to circuit thus protecting your expensive radios and equipment whilst also protecting the alternator coil from from damage.

Power Mate Technical Details

Input Voltage : Up to 100 volts RMS (full capacity @ and > 4000RPM -Rotax engine)

Output Voltage : Max. 14.2 Volts (Electronically Stabilised)

Max Current : Limited to Max 8 Amp. Ripple : < 50 mV @ Full Load

Dimensions: 130mm(L) x 100mm(W) x 35mm(H)

Additional Features

  • Short Circuit Proof
  • Overheating Protection
  • Overvoltage Protection
  • Water and Vibration Proof (secure wires!)
  • Made in Australia using High Quality Electronic Components